Sunday, 8 May 2016


22 October: Pakistanis come from Abbottabad and occupy Domel, the fight in Muzaffarabad. Azad millitias occupy Bagh, Rawalkot, Rajauri and Beri Pattan. Azad millitias were on the way

23 October: Pakistanis take Muzaffarabad. Pakistanis reach Uri . Azad millitias serround Poonch, Kotli, Mirpur, Jhagner.

24 October: Azad Kasmir declare indpendence.

25 October: Uri fells to Pakistanis.

26 October: Kasmir and Jummu join India.

27 October: Baramula fells to Pakistanis. Indians land in Srinagar.

28 October: Pakistanis reach 30km away from Srinagar. Pakistanis marched toward Gulmarg.

29 October: Indians withdraw to Shalateng. Pakistanis capture Bhimbar.

3 November: Pakistanis reach Srinager's airport from South west. Forces in Gilgit take power of Northern Kasmir as the Gilgit Islamic Republic.

4 November: Pakistanis capture Badgam and serround Srinager's airport. Indians withdraw from Pattan to Shalateng. Gilgit serround Skardu and reach Gurais.

5 November: Pakistanis attack Shalateng.

7 November: Indians push Pakistanis to Baramula.

8 November: Indians capture Baramulla.

10 November: Rajauri is taken by Pakistanis.

13 November: Indians capture Uri.

16 November: Indians march toward poonch vally.

17 November: Gilgit join Pakistan.

19 November: Indians reach Naushehra.

25 November: Indians reach Poonch but do not capture it. Pakistanis capture Mirpur.

26 November: Indians capture Kotli.

Early December: Pakistanis capture Janghar.


January: Indians capture Rawala Kot. Pakistais attackand Uri but fail to capture it. Indians capture Chamb.

6 February: Pakistanis attack Naoshera and fail.

17 March: Indians, after marching in the Naoshera-Rajauri road, captured Janghar (final border)

23 March: Indias capture Tittwal (final border)

12 April: Indians capture Rajauri

15 April: Indians capture Tragbal (first option in OSM)


10 May: Pakistanis seround Skardu

22 May: Pakistanis capture Kargil and Khalatse

27 May: Indians make a very small advance in Tragbal.

June: Indians attack Poonch but fail to capture it.

11 June: Pakistanis capture Dras.

26-27 June: Indians advace to Gurais.

28 June: Indians capture Gurais. and Keran. (final border)

12 Septmber: Pakistanis capture Zoji La pass

14 August: Pakistanis overrun Indians in Skardu and capture the city.

29 Agusut: Pakistanis reach Leh but don't capture it.

13 October: Indians adance from Naoshera area in the direction of Kotli. (final border)

25 October: Indians capture Pir Badesar

1 November: Indians take Zoji La pass

8 November: Indians attack Poonch from Rajauri.

9 November: Indians capture Ramghara

13 November: Indians capture Matayan

15 November: Indians capture Dras.

19 November: Indians capture Poonch

22 November: Indians reach Poonch from the northern parts (final border)

24 November: Indians from Dras and Leh meet in Kargil and capture it. (final border)


1 Jaunary: Armistice signed

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