Saturday, 23 January 2016

5 June
8:45: 7th Division cross border toward Khan Yunis in the foreclosure
8:45: 60th Division cross border from south to Kerem Shalom and march west.
9:00: Pinko's reserve unit march along the the 7th and reach Um al-kalb outpost, south-east to Rafah.
10:00: 7th Division and Pinko's reserve unit reach north to Rafah junction.
10:00 60th Division reach Haros road.
10:00 Paratroopers reach Egptian 11th Division from south.
11:00: Paratrooper's reach south to East the Egyptian 11th Division and blocked by Egyptian fire.
12:00: Pinko's reserve unit pass near Rafah junction but do not capture it.
12:00 Paratroopers reach the core of Egyptian 11th Division.
13:00: Paratroopers take Egyptian outpost east the 11th Division.
14:00 paratroopers reach 11th Division rear and 49th Division from south-west.
14:00: Pinko's reserve unit and the 7th Division reach Kafr Shav and Sheikh Zuweid.
15:00: Paratroopers finish the conquest of Kafr Shav.
16:00: Maxi's tank division reach Rafah junction and cleans southern Gaza region.

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